On Not Knowing

A joy in studying history is reading about an event that occurred earlier in your life and obtaining new insights because materials have been written about if over the decades. I was reading about the “Bay of Pigs” in 1961 when newly elected  John F. Kennedy stumbled into a disaster because of his own arrogance and his inability to challenge ideas being presented by the CIA  and military leaders. He signed on to an invasion by 1300 Cuban exiles who believed if they landed in Cuba, the entire population would rise to overthrown Fidel Castro. Kennedy is dead, so are most of those who invaded the island, but Fidel is still fidel in Cuba.

President Kennedy listened to ideas from men who actually believed a force of 1300 would defeat the Cuban armed force of 200,000. Their ignorance was similar to that of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld who believed US troops would be welcomed with parades in Iraq. Unlike George Bush, President Kennedy immediately had a special group investigate what went wrong. We have never really had such an investigation over the death  of 5,000 Americans.

Opps, I forgot we have non-stop investigations into the death of FOUR Americans. Barack Obama failed to investigate the Iraq invasion and, in doing so, unleashed the dogs of hate from the Republican party.