On Obama And Negotiation

I voted for Barack Obama and my wishes were always that he would be a successful president. The past two years have made me as much sad as angry at his ineptitude as a leader. The essence of leadership is clearly articulating goals of the administration. On several occasions, our president has complained that “people don’t understand” in referring to the successful programs he has initiated. Yes, the programs were better than those brought forth by Republicans, but if they “don’t understand” the problem is lack of clarity and communication on the part of the president. During the past few weeks, Obama has vented his frustration at failure on the part of “liberals” to appreciate his accomplishments and, in particular, his successful negotiation with Republicans last week. Sorry, Mr. President, but a poker player, you are not.

There is an episode on the Seinfeld show in which always inept George Costanza “negotiates” with NBC so instead of receiving $10,000 per episode, they wind up with $7,000. Liberals are NOT against negotiating with Republicans. We are angry at the negotiator who gave too much away too soon. For example, what if the president said no to changes in the estate tax. Would Republicans have refused to proceed and thus open themselves up to denying middle class tax cuts in order to protect 300,000 wealthy families? I doubt it, as do most “liberals.”

There are times when a good poker player calls the bluff.