On Patrol In Afghanistan Suicide-Bombing Capital

There is an ever increasing ominous trend developing in Afghanistan as the Taliban increases its reliance on Iraq suicide-style bombing to create chaos in the country. British, NATO, and Afghan military personnel have encoutered in Gereshik suicide attacks at an ever increasing ferocity. The Taliban continue picking off local chieftains and opponents while stepping up the presence of roadside and car bombings. A British soldier, Sgt.-Major Wright told a newspaper correspondent: “whereas in other areas around here the Taliban engage in more frontal attacks, we have always had more bombings in Gereshik. We hear the Taliban use other areas to ‘blood’ their young fighters. But Gereshik is d efinitely the place for those more experienced men and at the same time men who are prepared to kill themselves.”

A common problem facing those fighting the Taliban is distinguishing who exactly belongs to the insurgent group. The area is awash with weapons so it is not uncommon for ordrinary people to possess rifles and other military equipment. Raids upon homes in search of weapons frequently wind up angering local residents. One elderly man, Ajirkhan Mohammed told British soldiers: “I have never supported terrorism, so I do not know why this is going on. I want to know who told them there are terrorists here.” Haji Agha commented with sadness, “the future of Afghanistan is not good, it will be like Palestine, there will be fighting for generations.”