Comments on Poverty.

1. It is one thing to be born in poverty, another to have poverty of the soul.

2. Poverty changes people. For some it leads to anger and hate. For others a desire to end poverty.

3. In youth, I saw men building bridges, schools, roads. Today, most men and women would be happy to dig a ditch.

4. Night in a poor neighborhood is filled with sounds of angry fear.

5. Barack Obama worked with poor people in younger days. Today, he does not work for them.

6. For some in 2011, ONLY having a million is a sign of poverty.

7. Poor people today lack an Eleanor Roosevelt. When the King and Queen of England came visiting, she served them franks and beans out of respect for the poor of America who did not even have franks and beans.

8. Cutting government ensures there will be more poverty.

9. To be poor and without hope is to ensure one will be poor.

10. To love America is to ensure no American goes hungry today.

  • saniya tanaaz

    truth is immortal