Never underestimate how possession of power empowers the person to arrogance of power.

True power resides in the heart, not the mind.

The power of a position is all too often the driving force of power.

Barack Obama empowers his mind over his heart.

In the end, the only power we possess in life is life.

I have never regarded myself as needing a position of power to be powerful.

Shocking article in New Yorker about government surveillance. Obama places “government interests” as his most powerful interest.

The desire for power transcends political ideology.

To truly possess power is to empower those who disagree with your ideas.

Obama surrounds himself with powerful people. A chief aide of President Franklin Roosevelt was Harry Hopkins a former social worker. Who gave the president better political advice, a social worker or a banking expert?

In the end, the power of an idea defeats the greatest armies.

I once surrendered the power of being Dean of a college and empowered myself to be the human I desired to be.