I am old enough to vividly remember World War II and the terrible days of 1940 to 1941 when England stood alone against Nazi Germany. The Germans launched a year of air attacks on the British people. If England had surrendered Germany would have obtained control of Europe, Africa and moved into the Middle East. But, night after night the brave British people endured bombing raids while the famous 1,000 air pilots fought the Germans in the air.

I recall hitting England in  1951 and talking with dock workers about the air raids. Many expressed admiration for the King and Queen and as some said, “the two little girls”Elizabeth and Margaret–for their refusal to flee London and remain with the people of that city during constant air raids.Queen Elizabeth certainly was a symbol of British bravery. It was the people of England who saved the civilized world and prevented Nazi rule. Her performance during the war earned the admiration of many people.

We forget Queen Elizabeth reigned over the END of the British empire and lived to see all colonies become independent. She lived through dramatic demographic changes in England. Was she a perfect person? Of course not. But, she did conduct herself with dignity and pride.

There are times in a crisis when leaders must symbolize strength. This is something Barack Obama has never grasped. The monarchy during World War II conveyed a sense of sharing in the risk of battle during the bombing. People need such symbols in their lives.