Americans are upset at scenes of rioting Muslims burning flags and shouting for death to those who insult their religion. Frankly, I am more upset at LACK of Muslim mobs chanting death to President Bashar al-Assad. Over 25,000 innocent Muslims have been killed by a fellow Muslim and there is quiet and peace on the streets of large Muslim cities. There is no organized imam march on Syria and there is no attempt by Muslim nations to end relations with Syria.

Let’s be honest. ALL religions have murdered and killed. It was only twenty years ago that Serbian soldiers raped thousands of women and killed thousands of innocent men. Of course, they were smart enough to hide their massacres. And, they were good Christians. NO religion can claim innocence when it comes to the death game. Current riots arise from ignorant people who think their  religion justifies killing others who differ. I suspect in the history of humanity that has been true of just about every religion–at one time or another.