On Religion And Rights

I came across a story about an Hassidic Jew who was dismissed from the New York police dpeartment because of the length of his beard. I was raised in a  Kosher home and not until entering the US Army did I encounter such strange food items as  bacon. Alas, in the modern world, we inhabit lands containing people from diverese backgrounds and customs. I sympathize with this young Jew who simply wants to keep his beard. Actually, the issue is not the length of his beard or wearing something on top of his head, the issue is the totality fo society and its demands for some form of uniformity.

My rule of thumb is accept some dictates of society if they do not compel one to abandon basic human rights. Frankly, the idea of a beard or wearing something on top of head does not come from God. It comes from humans having nothing better to do with their lives than to invent customs. God wants me to be a caring and loving human, and if I grab a piece of bacon along the way, he really doesn’t give a fuck.

Shave the beard but do not shave Jewish ideas of social justice.