1. Between Moses, Muhammed and Christ, Jesus is number one in compassion.

2. I could never be a member of any religion that wants me as a member.

3. I could never be part of any religion in which people go wild over cartoons.

4. I could never be a member of a religion whose clerics remain silent when people of other religions are oppressed.

5. I could never be part of any religion demanding prayers during the day. I pray in my heart.

6. I could never be part of a religion which has separate rules for females.

7. I shudder when Israeli settlers rip down trees belonging to Muslims and I shudder when Muslims fire rockets at Israelis.

8. Marx said religion is the opiate of people. Today, it is all too often a drug inciting hate.

9. I would love to be a fly on the wall where God lives and watch His face when he gazes down to the violence on Earth.

10. Republicans claim God’s business is business. A rather strange business for a God if you ask me.

11. Sarah Palin invoking God is like Charlie Sheen claiming he is sane.

12. Please don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends believe in God.