On Reporting Racism In A Society

Those who write on the Internet or in  the media are daily confronted by issues related to acts of racism. A person is beaten to death by some youths and it appears the victim was a member of an immigrant group. Does one report there murder as an act of racism or as a murder? In the Netherlands, right wing anti-Muslim leader, Geert Wilders continually blames all societal ills on immigrants. He hates Muslims and believes Islam is a violent religion.

For years Wilders has upheld a typical Dutch family headed by “Henk and Ingrid” as the prototype of what it means to be Dutch–unlike those Muslim immigrants, none of whom is named Henk or Ingrid. Last week, a Dutch couple, named Henk and Ingrid, murdered a Turkish immigrant. Should this  be reported as an act of racism? Does one single out A  murder and claim that murder is symbolic of racism?

Perhaps, it is time for the media to be more selective as to what represents racism. After all, people murder one another each day.