Newly elected President Francois Hollande confronted the issue of at which age should people be allowed to retire and returned France to the age of 7=60 rather than 62. His defined retirement at age 62 as some form of injustice. The French law only applies to those who have worked for at least 41 years prior to attaining the age of 60. This is an interesting issue. Forty one years is a mighty long time to work and this is being written by someone who has been working for over sixty years.

We believe the issue of retirement has less to do with length of work versus the  issue  of what type of work. An individual working in a coal mine should NOT have to wait for 41 years to retire, how about 25? An individual  who works on Wall Street may have mental issues, but not the physical ones of those who work lifting boxes or  lugging meat.

How about a new formula which identifies at what age people can retire that is based on type of work??