On Return Home

German Intelligence kept close watch for years on a Muslim living in Germany, but after he took a trip to Turkey Ibrahim I. disappeared from their view. He is believed now in Syria fighting with insurgents seeking to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Ibrahim is one of many such men and women who are receiving advanced training in military efforts as part of terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian government. In a sense, if one wanted to receive advanced training in making explosives or use of weapons, just head to Syria and be welcomed by experts in terrorism.

For months, German-based preachers of Salafism have been urging jihad in Syria and encouraging young men to leave Germany and head for the Middle East. At some point in time, the war with end in Syria, Assad will also leave the country. But, left behind will be thousands of well trained young men seeking to strike a blow for their beliefs.

The Israel government can continue its love affair with West Bank settlers, but there will be a consequence for not working with the Palestinian Authority and resolve the need for a Palestinian state. Jihadists from Syria will NOT be interested in compromise, they have spent years engaged in bloody conflict, they want death and destruction.