A Revolution begins with a big bang and all too often concludes with a whimper.

A successful revolution begins with small steps. From these come major ones.

No ideologue in history succeeded in long term change that bettered people.

It would assist if members of the Tea Party actually knew something about the American Revolution.

Barack Obama is a closet conservative.

Ronald Reagan the great Conservative who reduced taxes and the national debt along with the size of the government actually during his administration, tripled the national debt, increased taxes five times and increased the size of the government. Psst– don’t tell this to Republicans.

The latest American Revolution is one that transferred our nation’s wealth to the wealthy.

Revolutionaries prefer dreams to reality.

Most successful revolutions are ones that people didn’t even know occurred.

I prefer a “changing revolution” which along the way makes adjustments in plans that are in accordance with reality.

The concept of Revolution has always dwelled in my heart. That’s why I make certain my mind controls the heart.

More people have died because someone “believed they knew the truth” than because someone had doubts.