On Road To Mandalay

Things  are stirring in Burma or, if you prefer, Mayanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi, who has spent over a decade under house arrest for daring to uphold the ideals of democracy is now being welcomed by Burmese President Sein with open arms. For the first time in decades the possibility of freedom is possible in a nation that has been ruled by the iron fist of military thugs. The president’s cancellation of a controversial hydro electric project has not only infuriated the Chinese government but given hope to ordinary Burmese that openly opposing the government does not land one in jail.

It is now necessary for the US to end sanctions on Burma and reach out with business consultants and economic expertise to assist this nation move into the 21st century. Burma has the natural resources to become a productive nation, but it needs modern economic expertise to make the same steps of China and end restrictive government controls and open up the economy.