On School Dress Codes

I was born and raised in the slums of New York City during the Depression when one third of all Americans were without work-today, the figure is about 7%. Think about it, one out of three people existed on aid provided by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! I understand that to Fox News or the Republican Party, we were all a bunch of deadbeats, loafers and welfare cheats. Of course, I am discussing the grandparents of current members of the Republican party. In school, we had a dress code. Why? Because one third of children did not possess decent clothes. Oh, in front of our school was a bin and those who had nice clothes dumped those clothes in the bin when getting new clothes. THAT was the reason for a dress code.

Students at Duncanville High School in Texas rebelled about the dress code. Students have been suspended for wearing the wrong colored shirt, one boy noted he was wearing the school spirit tee shirt but was sent home because it did not have a collar! Another went home because he lacked a belt. Heck, one teen age boy went home because the face had a stubble. Principal Andre Smith explained his rule: “We want to teach them that they need to meet he expectations not only here at school but outside the school.”

Sorry, Mr. Smith, have you gone to a modern technology company recently? There is NO dress code. The only places with dress codes are for low paid workers. Mr. Smith, you want to educate these children to be unemployed.