On Scooter Libby

During the past 48 hours I have been thinking about Scooter man. Personally, I have always believed people should not go to jail for non-violent crimes. That’s why I become furious with anger at jailing those who indulge in drugs. Gordon Libby is a liar, no question on that point. There are millions of people who are liars. But, Libby lied to government agents. Does that make a difference?

I consider a lie which results in physical or emotional damage to others is more serious than lying which simply hurts feelings. The issue I struggle with is — did Libby’s lies threaten the life of the CIA agent? If so, then Libby belongs in jail. I have less anger toward someone who lies to government agents because in many cases, lying to government agents is necessary in modern life when they intrude into our personal lives.

I find myself bewildered by George Bush. I am glad he feels compassion toward a person whose life he claims would be damaged by going to jail. However, it appears Bush feels compassion toward those who have money, not those stuck in poverty. Libby will make millions selling his story, appearing on the lecture circuit and telling the Ann Coulters of this world how he was oppressed by government. I have a fantasy, that just for once, George Bush REALLY shows compassion. He could commute the sentences of everyone arrested for drug possession, he could ensure pardons for military personnel who are getting dishonorable discharged for opposing the Iraq War, and he could end death penalties for people in federal prisons. Bush has loused up in standing in history as a president, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Libby compassion translated into compassion for Americans unjustly imprisoned?

I told you, I have this fantasy.