On Sports Stars And Power

There is a new show going on at your local sports arena or stadium. It is the roving caravan of sport stars inquiring which team will pay them the most for their talents. Just imagine, in the major leagues these days, I baseball player who hits 210 winds up making five million dollars. Heck, that is more money than Babe Ruth earned in his entire athletic career! At this moment, King Lebron James is visiting his loyal subjects and will soon announce which team will be blessed with his presence in the coming year. Of course, if the team really is serious about securing the talents of this talented basketball player, they will have to give him twenty or twenty five million of their dollars. It must be wonderful to travel from one city to another, be given luxurious hotel rooms, wonderful meals, and the company of gorgeous females who ooh and ah at every word you speak to the huddled masses seeking your blessing.

I wonder if Pope Francis gets jealous at attention paid to these men who can jump high in the air, pass balls to the side without looking, and all it requires is about 48 minutes of work –three times a week! Of course, baseball players stand still in one spot or make a dash for a ball, and then insist they are “tired.” I doubt if the average American baseball player could make the five o’clock check out time in a steel plant. Lazy, arrogant heroes of the masses. Once there were giants in the land of sports, today pampered children demanding rewards that go beyond that received from our sport giants of the past who worked twenty years at their game.