On Statues Of Old White Guys

I came across an article about a move in the city of Barcelona to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus. He is charged with conducting genocide in the Western Hemisphere when his ships hit the New World,not only with new ideas or products,but  with some new diseases and cruelties. It is estimated that when he arrived in 1492 approximately 50,000,000 humans were in the Western Hemisphere. About forty years later, there were about 25,000,000. Most were killed by diseases, and millions were murdered by Spanish and Portuguese conquerors interested in gold and Christianity.

So, what do we do with white folks here in America who supported slavery, men like, Jefferson or Washington or plantation owners who helped begin colleges, or    businessmen engaged in the slave trade? Do we tear down statues of Robert E. Lee, who headed the Confederate army? President Woodrow Wilson was a liberal except to Negroes, he returned segregation in the federal government after Theodore Roosevelt ended it. I would argue the importance of examining the entire record of such people, bigotry being one aspect. After all, Thomas Jefferson is among the great fighters for human dignity. Sorry, Christopher, you sure were not!