On Student Loans

Throughout America there is a new war being launched. It is directed against students who seek an education. In state after state, Republicans are cutting financial support to colleges to school districts even while  demanding that wealthy people be given lower taxes. Lower taxes means less money entering state and national treasuries. Among the most important issues is the over $1 TRILLION debt now owed by college students who graduated only to discover they are loaded with debt.

This debt prevents young Americans to purchase homes, to purchase goods and thus has helped to crush the real estate market. We offer a 2% solution to this problem. Offer as an option to s tudents who have large debts the following: if they agree to pay 2% of all future earnings, their debt will not have to be paid at the current rate. This will lower monthly payments, ensure the debt is repaid and leave young people with the money to begin purchasing goods and homes. It is a win-win solution for all concerned.

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