On Student Protests

Prime Minister David Cameron is furious at actions of some student protestors who had the audacity to attack a car carrying the Prince of Wales and the Dutchess of Cornwall. British university students have been out in the streets for weeks expressing their anger at a dramatic raise in their tuition costs. It has risen to a top of about $15,000 a year which is nearly double of the previous highest rate. There is no question some students have become violent and destroyed private property in order to express their fears, anxiety and concern for the future of their lives. It is ironic, that when businessmen destroy the private property of citizens by manipulating stocks, defrauding them of their savings, no protest emerges from members of government about that destruction of property. Actions of the business community to destroy lives of people are explained away as “just the nature ofg the game known as private enterprise.”

Governments will bail out business, governments will warn the business community, but never will government tax the bonus payments of those who robbed from the average person. After all, in a free enterprise world, if you have money, no one will become upset enough to get tough. After all, unlike students, the business community is also the source of educating politicians in the art of how to raise money for their campaigns.