On The Dark Side With Dick Cheney

The recent refusal of Dick Cheney to deny the National Archives and Records agency access to his papers because he is not part of the executive highlights the arrogance of this man toward the Constitution of America. Actually, he even tried abolishing the National Archives and Records department because they dared challenge his authority.

As the Bush administration winds down its walk on the dark side of history, Dick Cheney looms ever more important as the sinister behind-the-scene manipulator of evil from urging torture of prisoners to revealing the name of a CIA operative whose husband dared challenge the veracity of Bush, to the lies and distortion about events leading up to the Iraq invasion.

The Vice President told Fox News last month: “We didn’t get elected to be popular. We didn’t get elected to worry about the fate of the Republican Party.” Missing in this comment is any indication he was elected to represent the interests of the American people, not his own. As one examines Dick Cheney, there is scant evidence as to whether he has any vision for a future in which peace and prosperity are paramount. His mind only envisions evil, war, and brutality. This man boasts he had better things to do than protect his nation by serving in Vietnam. Why is it that men who fear placing themselves in physical risk are so prone to place others in those situations?

The history of Dick Cheney’s evil is yet to be written. Perhaps, the only solace for George Bush is that future historians will focus on how Cheney manipulated him and may wind up being sympathetic to a bumbling president who only listened to voices of doom.

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