On “The Government”

Recently, in a coffee shop I came across a devout red white and blue American who decried the existence of “The Government.”I was informed about “welfare cheats” and people growing fat off for stamps. He was rather concerned about the state of our nation, and Obamacare and other such ‘LIBERAL SOCIALIST ideas being fostered upon America by a man who was born in Kenya. I think he does make some points.

1. We do have too many welfare cheats. First, the $90 billion spent each year for farmers to help them get good prices for farm goods even though prices are the highest in years.

2. Second, I do not understand why this city boy must pay for farmer insurance on their crops. I pay my insurance, why does the Federal government pay their insurance?

3. I confess to driving on government built roads, bridges and using government inventions like the Internet. I am one of those lazy bums who takes advantage of God fearing Americans who pay taxes.

4. Confession, I belong to the GOVERNMENT RUN MEDICARE!!

5.  Yes, it is unfair for Barack Obama to attack job creators like Wall Street hedge operators. Do you realize some of these wonderful job creators only got a Christmas bonus of $1 billion!! How can anyone take care of their yacht on such a small sum?

After considerable research on THE GOVERNMENT it is clear this creature was created by a band of SOCIALISTS  at some meeting called, The Constitutional Convention. Do you know they even created a BANK OF THE UNITED STATES so The Government could control the economy. And, that Lincoln fellow, he had the Federal government pay 98% of the cost of the Intercontinental railroad. Of course, I assume you know it was the SOCIALIST LINCOLN WHO INTRODUCED THE INCOME TAX!!

Let’s listen to Ron Paul and get rid of the Federal government and return to the great days of the Articles of Confederation!!