On The Russian Trail Toward Authoritarian Government

In the glow of the overthrow of the Soviet Union, the Russian people looked forward to an era of democracy in which they finally after centuries of fighting to end authoritarian government would be able to taste the joy of living in a free society. The Putin era of kleptocracy made millions of Russians angry at what they considered to be the essence of capitalism and democracy. During the intervening years, Vladmir Putin brought stability to his nation, but the price was the end of a vibrant democracy and its replacement by a few men in charge who knew what should be said and what should be done. Santa Vladmir came on the scene with his merry little elf, Dimitry, and they both have decided the last thing Russians need is a democratic society.

The Federation Council of Russia, all 142 obedient little elves voted to extend the Russian presidency from four to six years as well as extending the Duma term from four to five years. This will enable Father Vladmir to return as president in a few years and once again do formally what he does informally-rule Russia. This important constitutional amendment was proposed a month ago by President Medvedev and passed within sixty days. Such is the working of democratic government in the era of Vladmir the First.