On To Baghdad Said Rumsfeld!

Recently released documents from the Bush administration reveal within hours after the invasion of Afghanistan in the fall of 2001, the Cheney/Rumsfeld group was urging the president to move on with crushing Saddam Hussein. Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld told a Pentagon attorney to get “support” for his wild theory that Saddam Hussein was somehow connected with al-Qaeda and other terrorists. Dick and Don had a problem in National Security advisor, Condoleezza Rice who had written a memo indicating there not be much to the theory of the al-Qaeda connection. One released document has Rumsfeld discussing the invasion of Iraq with an aide two months after the invasion of Afghanistan. He openly stated, “if Saddam’s regime were ousted, we would have a much more improved position in the region and elsewhere.”

The State Department in December, 2001 warned that France and Germany would oppose an Iraq invasion and forcing British Prime Minister Tony Blair to go along with the fiasco would seriously damage his reputation. Obviously, in the end, madness triumphed.