On Trials For War Crimes

The United Nations is discussing the possibility of holding trials to deal with war crimes committed by members of the Israel Defense Force during their engagement with a flotilla of ships sent from Turkey with supplies for the people of Gaza. Most probably, the IDF did employ excessive force and there should be punishment of those who violated international law. However, if the UN is into war crimes, there are a few other places to check out:

1. War crimes in the Congo run into the hundreds of thousands killed, brutalized, rape and left without parents, but so far there is no rush to judgment about these war crimes.
2. For over a decade, Sudan raped, pillaged and killed over two hundred thousand people in the Sudan. There is a warrant out for these crimes, but the president of Sudan is welcomed in most countries.
3. Literally, every day there is another story about bombing raids in Afghanistan which result in the death of civilians. Did anyone forget to call in the crime?
4. Iran has not killed thousands, but its clerical government tortures, rapes and brutalizes innocent people.
5. Has anyone forgotten Iraq and debasement of people and killing of thousands.
6. Care to return to Indonesia policies in New Guinea?
7. Let;s see, over 60,000 killed in Uganda and a few thousand in Zimbabwe.

Of course, the IDF killed three people. Should there be an investigation? Yes, as well as investigations of all war crimes.