On Use Of Nuclear Sources

Each day brings more bad news concerning the nuclear plants in Japan. Explosions at the plants raise fears of a devastating outcome that might impact, not merely the people of Japan, but other areas of Asia. What happens if a plant explodes and sends radiation into the atmosphere? We know from the Russian nuclear explosion in the 1980s that radiation could drift hundreds of miles and lead to many deaths as people become ill. At a time when oil prices are rising due to events in Libya and other areas of the Middle East, the attraction of nuclear power grows more enticing. As in any situation dealing with power or energy, the cost benefits must be examined. Is the risk worth the cost is a bottom line? Should we pursue nuclear energy in order to avoid being trapped in the oil vise of Middle Eastern nations?

Perhaps, events in Japan and the Middle East really make clear the importance of moving away from these sources of energy and investing huge amounts of money into wind or hydrogen or sun sources of energy that are renewable and not dependent upon human errors. Barack Obama has urged building trains. Why not end cars in major cities and require people to use trains? Why not make trains from suburban areas run like subways and then declare cars are off limits during week days?