My father was raised in Czarist Russia in which Jews constantly suffered from persecution. He watched his own father beaten up in the famous 1905 pogrom instituted by the Russian police in order to deflect anger toward the government which had just lost the Russo-Japanese War. He never quite shook the impact of being a victim and, although he loved America, would often sigh, and add, “you’ll see, they will come for us here, even in America.” One day my brother and I were crossing a street when a car failed to slow down and zoomed past us, the first words from my brother were” “fucking anti-Semites!” I was raised with people who regarded their entire life as a series of escapes from being a victim. Israel today, is a nation of victims, only the victims are not Palestinians, but the Jews in the country. The recent inane attack on ships carrying humanitarian aid exemplifies the Israel victim mindset. Israel troops landed on a ship which was in international law, but to IDF leaders, their troops were savagely assaulted by a mob carrying sticks and axes and God knows what else. So, the only recourse was to shoot and kill passengers on the ship. Not a word about violating international law, and, in effect behaving like Somali pirates, no, the only victims were the attackers!!

The state of VICTIMHOOD is a pleasant one in which “they” are always wrong, “they” always initiate action, and I am simply the innocent victim of aggression. VICTIMHOOD has seized the minds of Israelis just as empathy and rational thinking have departed. A cruel blockade of Gaza was initiated because ONE Israel soldier was kidnapped and thus over a million people must suffer. I write these words cognizant of the emotional stress being endured by his parents, but punishing a million for a living soldier is simply a violation of any organized system of morality. Initial reaction from Israel is pride in their navy and their commandos who stood up to a crowd of civilians and defeated them. I assume VICTORY AGAINST THE FLOTILLA will now rank among the great exploits of the Israel armed forces.

In the mind of the VICTIM, wrong is always from “them.” A few Israel newspapers like Haarertz have published sensitive commentary, but the media and the organs of state howl to the world about another assault upon innocent Israel. Being a victim is emotionally and intellectually demoralizing to individuals. It reinforces negative feelings, allows the individual to utilize blame rather than analytical thinking, and ignores the power of self reflection. It is one thing when an individual assumes the mantle of being a VICTIM, but when an entire nation adopts this pose, it opens the door to collective suicide.

As is so common with those who dwell in the house of VICTIMHOOD, isolation from normal healthy minds becomes the norm, one seeks out those who share the sense of being a victim rather than healthy minded people. It destroys the spirit of laughter which allows individuals to poke fun at self as well as others. Each passing day witnesses Israel behaving in the manner of a fundamentalist Muslim society which believes anger and hate will solve problems. A VICTIM can not help their own self, how can they help the world outside?