I understand that some Americans are not concerned about the Number One Issue confronting the United States of America. By any standard, it is definitely: VOTER FRAUD. OK, so over 120,000,000 people voted in the last election, but there were over 2,000 cases of voter fraud! Do the math. Figure out what percent of all votes cast were fraudulent! The only explanation why Barack Obama is currently president of this nation was due to the wide spread fraudulent votes of illegal Mexican immigrants. OK, so some of you are concerned about minor problems such as bridges in need of repair or the high cost of Student Loans, but what about those 2,000 people in this country of 300,000,000 million who swing elections to the guy from Kenya? Are their illegal actions to go unrecorded?

It is time for Congress to return and address real issues such as vote fraud. It is time to return this nation to the control of we white skinned middle class folk who are true patriots. Why should those 2,000 illegal evil doers control our beloved nation. Stand up for America, end vote fraud.

I gather that former Speaker of the House, James Wright was denied the right to vote because he lacked a government issued ID. He offered this lame excuse that at his age the use of a car was over and his driver license had expired. He dared to produce a library ID and a university ID! You old fart, get a driver’s license and purchase an American car and get Americans back to work. DEMAND GOVERNMENT ID.