On Voter Fraud

There are rumors concerning an alleged recession in the United States of America which for some reason has aroused concern among some members of the Republican party. There are rumors concerning high unemployment rates, but as far as we can ascertain this problem is NOT impacting those earning a million of more dollars a year, so why bother about such unimportant issues. The real issue which Republicans are focusing on is: VOTER FRAUD! Think about it, people who are not eligible are voting!

Latest figures indicate that during the past ten years at least ONE THOUSAND votes were cast by those who were not eligible to vote. Imagine if those one thousand had not voted, wouldn’t it have altered the election in which one hundred million voted?

We should thank God that Mitt Romney will NOT allow voter fraud once in the presidency. It is time to end voting by students, black folk, Hispanic immigrants and all those Muslims who want to elect members of al-Qaeda!