Once Again Death In Middle East

One increasingly is left with the view that each time some nut case in America makes an idiot comment, crowds gather in Middle Eastern countries to rage and rant their hatred of America. A right wing Egyptian Christian made a video that poked fun and insults at Muslims which resulted in mobs attacking Americans in Libya and Egypt. The US Ambassador to Libya was killed by a rocket and the Embassy was sacked resulting in death to other Americans. There is scant doubt if one wants a crowd to gather simply make a comment or film or draw a cartoon that offends Muslims.

I find most disturbing that Middle Eastern Muslims riot because AN American posted a film they find insulting. But, where are those rioters when 26,000 fellow Muslims are being murdered in Syria?? No nation can control what AN individual does or says, but in Syria THE GOVERNMENT is killing Muslims! Why don’t people cease going wild about a film and go wild about death to their brothers and sisters??