Once Again Followers Of God Kill Rather Than Love

We inhabit a world in which most humans adhere to one or another religious belief based on the concept of a God up in the sky who preaches words of peace and love. During the past few hundred years, Christian and Muslim preachers of faith met in northern regions of Nigeria resulting in those being Muslim who are further to the north while as one goes south, people are Christian. Several weeks ago these groups met in Jos which is at the crossroads of the Muslim – Christian meeting place and hundreds were killed for one reason or another. Ordinarily these clashes result when group A claims that group B said or did something that offended their God. During the past few days, Muslim herders entered Christian villages and after firing weapons to get people to leave their home proceeded in a good spiritual manner to cut men, women and children to pieces.

Hundreds of police have been sent into action, but the problem is not one for police as much as for so-called “religious leaders” to begin practicing their religion rather than preaching about it. Peace comes from a loving God, not a hating one.