Once Again–Impeachment!

Throughout the entire history of the United States of America and our forty odd presidents only twice has Congress decided to charge the president with violating his office by acting in ways that result in violation of the Constitution. After the Civil War, Andrew Johnson who took over when Lincoln died was charged with violating the Constitution by challenging Congressional Republican ideas about Reconstruction. He was not convicted. In the 1990s, President Bill Clinton was impeached because he allegedly lied about a blow job. He was not convicted. The Republican is the only party in our history that gets into impeachment. For some reason they believe Republicans respect the Constitution unlike their Democratic party foes. Sarah Palin, John Boehner and others are raising the cry of impeachment because they believe Obama does not follow the law. At this moment, they charge he does not protect our borders. Huh? Three times as many illegal immigrants have been deported as were deported under the Bush administration.

All who enter the armed forces take a solemn oath to protect the Constitution. So, Obama tweaked a few sections of the Affordable Care Act. Hell, every president has tweaked a law now and then. Obama has interpreted the Affordable Care Act in ways not in agreement with Republicans, sorry, it is a common occurrence for presidents and some members of Congress to disagree as to the meaning of a law. If John Boehner believes Obama is not obeying the Affordable Care Act– go to the Supreme Court. When will this mania end about Obama not being a “real American” or someone born in another land?

By the way, as I recall, former President Bush lied about reasons for invading Iraq! Now, THAT is a reason for impeachment!!