Once Again, Israel Condemns Goldstone Report

As the UN General Assembly debates the Goldstone Report, Gabriela Shalev, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, charged the report was “irreparably tainted” and “bends both fact and law.” According to the Israeli, issuing a report which places blame on both Israel and Hamas for actions that violate international law will “damage any effort to revitalize negotiations in our region.” According to Shalev Goldstone ignored the reality of terror from thousands of rockets fired into Israel from Gaza. Of course, the Goldstone Report discusses this issue and condemns Hamas for its behavior in sending bombs directed at civilians. The Israel ambassador “launches yet another campaign against the victims of terrorism the people of Israel,” and she wants to know why he didn’t examine how to halt terrorism.

The ongoing problem with Israel foreign policy is an inability to assume an objective stance on any issue and reduce comments meant to address issues to the problem of anti-semitism. Robert Goldstone is Jewish, has been involved in numerous Jewish activities throughout his life, and insisted prior to undertaking this study that he be allowed to examine behavior and actions of Hamas!

When will the people of Israel be able to address issues of human rights without assuming the mantle of victim. Over a thousand innocent Palestinians also died in Gaza, an operation that resulted in the death of fewer than 10 Israelis. Is the death of an Arab child any less hurtful than the death of a Jewish child? Stop with the anti-semitism and act like Jews!

  • http://--- Vladimir Rabkin

    From 1948 Israel had four big wars, many terrorictic atacks, permanent negative antisemitism,….. and only recent self-defense answer from army of Israel to HAMAS brought UN to make falce report. Pan Gi Mun intentionaly found a jewish judge R.Goldstone only for one purpose: to make Israel and its army quilty for own self-defence. Two bad political clowns made a world performance only for agressors and antisemits. Vlad