Once Again Monica Lewinsky In News!

For some strange reason my mind does not compute having to read stories about Monica Lewinsky. She remains in that part of my life associated with the 20th century, not the 21st. But, the dark haired woman is once more in our lives after an interview on the NBC TODAY show. Monica wants the world to know that she was a virgin to the blight of nastiness which became forever linked with her life. “I was the most humiliated woman in the world. To be called stupid and a slut and a bimbo and ditzy and to be taken out of context, it was excruciating. I was a virgin to humiliation of that level until that day. I mean it was just violation after violation.” In other words, she is upset. That point I get. She just wants this story to be blown away from the national scene and that is why she is on television reminding one and all about the story. That point I do not get.

Let me clarify this story for those who were not yet born when it occurred or were too young to grasp the meaning of this story. Once upon a time there was a President of the United States of America who did not spend his days worrying about terrorists and Muslims or people crossing our southern border. He was much more interested in his own anatomy. Sometimes, there is good news being worried about one’s prick. He just wanted to fuck A woman, not the entire nation as do our more current presidents. He was more interested in blowing away a mouth rather than blowing away our Constitution. This innocent woman just wanted to get close to our President, and of course, close to his lower half of body. I do not think she is a slut, when it comes to those who fuck, look in the direction of Wall Street. Frankly, when it comes to fucking, Wall Street types are the world’s leading sluts. Who else can surpass these guys and gals when it comes to fucking Americans??