Once More Hamas And Fatah Try Friendship

Once again, Hamas and Fatah are attempting to forge a relationship which allows them to engage with Israel as a united front, but the prospect for such an alliance is still doubtful. President Abbas needs to have Palestinians united in order to deal with an increasingly right wing Israel government which does not have confidence Abbas can implement peace within his own ranks. Talks began yesterday in Cairo as Egypt once again is trying to be a mediator between the clashing Palestinians.

Hamas has a dilemma since donor nations such as the United States who are pledging to help rebuild Gaza, will not give any money to Hamas and will insist that any money be distributed by international agencies. If Hamas wishes to play a role in the reconstruction of Gaza it will have to alter some of its ideology regarding the existence of Israel.

Reality for Hamas is that Benjamin Netanyahu is not Ehud Olmert and will not be willing to give into Hamas demands. It is time for Hamas to confront the situation and make adjustments in order to meet Palestinian needs.