Once More On Edward Snowden

Americans are constantly warned by our government of the importance of national security. That is why our phone calls must be read, our emails checked and security agents have to check what we read and when we go for a shit. Glenn Greenwald revealed in the Guardian that the notorious spy, Edward Snowden, has in his possession documents that are “basically the instruction manual for how the NSA is built.” In other words if a spy wanted to know what NSA does and how it does what it does, just read the Snowden blueprint on the American spy system. Of course, Mr. Snowden, along with a few other hundred thousand people knows all about our way of spying.

The issue is no longer Edward Snowden, it is the entire spy aparatus of the United States of America. Instead of wasting time attempting to capture this notorious spy, how about developing a spy appartus that is really secret. Only these clowns would allow a single low level person access to all top secret documents. Of course, that assumes this information was considered to be “low level.”

Has anyone recently checked those working in the White House as to whether they are cleared for Top Secret? I mean, Barack Obama.