Once More Oscar Into Breach

The nation of South Africa, for some reason, does not employ the concept of a trial by jury. Their is a presiding judge and she hears evidence. Since the trial of Oscar Pistorious began a few weeks ago, we initially heard Oscar do a bit of shouting and moaning and groaning and bewailing the death of his girl friend, Reeva Steenkamp. In his original version, she was sound asleep in the bedroom when he heard noises in the bathroom which he interpreted to be those of an intruder which led him to fire four shots through the bathroom door. Alas, no intruder on the other side of the door, just Reeva.

The second version which he presented during a grueling examination by the prosecutor was somewhat different. He then claimed firing four shots accidentally. During this version, he cried, moaned, vomited, and expressed remorse unknown to have been heard in recent times. They decided to take a two week break and now the defense is ready to present fourteen more witnesses who will undoubtedly present still a third version. The world now knows that Oscar could readily win an Oscar for offering the most expressive howls of pain known to the human race. We trust if he must vomit, please do so in a garbage pail along with the other garbage that so far has been presented.