Once More The Same Old Statements

Another shooting, more days of platitudes, more days of “I told you so.” During the coming week we will be treated to:

1. Guns do not kill people, people kill people.

2. Take away my right to a gun and I have nothing to defend myself against rapists and murderers.

3.  Our Founding Fathers stated that “well armed militia” was necessary and they really meant that each person had the right to any type of gun. Of course, in those days they had one shot rifles.

4. Barack Obama only wants to help jihadists.

5. Ban the entry of any Muslim and this will guarantee that native American Muslims will be the cause of terror.

6. Then again,how about sending them Muslims back to where they came from.

7. The FBI is always right. Obama prevented the FBI from arresting Mateen.

8. We got to get TOUGH with terrorists. Later, we will explain what ‘tough’ means.

9. God, if only everyone in that night club had an assault rifle!

10. There is no question that God is on our side in this fight against heathens.