Once Upon A Time In Afghanistan….

Once upon a time in Afghanistan, there lived a wizard of Kabul who sat in his large palace surrounded by those who regarded him as a source of revenue they could never obtain if he was gone. The wizard had a wise brother who went among the people explaining to them how they could unload nice harvests of opium that would return untold riches to himself and at least allow them to live. However, in this wondrous land there was a terrible dragon named the Taliban. It went among the people devouring all who stood in its way and disgorging its fiery flames upon all those who refused to bow down before the dragon.

The Wizard became upset because the people wanted to freely elect aq new wizard which did not fit into his plans. So, he announced that no news about the Dragon would be allowed nor would people know the exact presence of the Dragon. The brave reporters who tried to tell people the location of the Dragon soon found themselves penniless and without means of work.

We expect the Wizard will be elected. That is the good news. The bad news is the Dragon does not like the Wizard and may one day unleash its fire into the home of the Wizard and all those who support him.