Once We Dreamed Of Moon, Today Of Wealthy

There once was a United States of America in which we were not liberals or conservatives, not Republicans or Democrats, but Americans who had dreams of greatness. Thomas Jefferson began construction of the first great highway to the West, Highway 40, and no one in Congress refused to pay for it because of fear that wealthy folk might have to pay tax money. Republican Abraham Lincoln had the federal government fund the Intercontinental railroad, the greatest railroad at that point on the entire planet. No one worried about,”SOCIALISM.” We needed an intercontinental railroad to become a great nation. Republican Theodore Roosevelt literally invented conservation of national resource by creating vast national forests, no one shouted, ‘SOCIALISM.” During the Depression we built roads, bridges, tunnels, great dams, we led the world in road construction and no one yelled, SOCIALISM. Under Republican President Dwight Eisenhower, we built Highway 70 which spanned the nation and no one shouted, SOCIALISM. Under President Kennedy and President Nixon we sent a man to the moon, and no one yelled, SOCIALISM.

Once we were a nation with dreams of greatness. Today, under reign of Republicans and the Tea Party our only and most important dream is LOWER TAXES FOR THE WEALTHY. Our Highway Fund is just about empty. This means no new highways, no new bridges, no new railroad systems. President Obama is frustrated at Republican refusal to allocate money for construction. “It’s not crazy, it’s not Socialism. It is not an imperial presidency-no laws are broken. We’re just building roads, a bridge like we’ve been doing for 50, a hundred years.”

Once we had giants in the land, today we have pygmies.