One Devil Or Other In Egypt

Ah the heady days of thousands gathered in Tahrir square shouting for freedom happened a  long long time ago in a place that no longer exists. Activists who wanted a modern Egypt have obtained an Egypt which will either be run by  religious fanatics or by those with close ties to former dictator Hosni Mubarak. Ahmed Shafiq promises to curb power of the Muslim Brotherhood and restore law and order. Mohamed Mursi promises to give extensive power to the Muslim Brotherhood while supposedly retaining secular rights.

Tunisia is a living example of a “moderate”Muslim leader but a nation now threatened by extreme Muslims seeking to trample on the rights of secular ones. A vote for Shafiq undoubtedly is a vote that will be pleasing to military leaders.  A vote of Morsi empowers religious  groups. Oh, they promise to respect  secular rights, but there is no guarantee this will happen. Regardless who one votes for, one is being denied freedom.