One Last Chance, Once Again In Middle East

The conflict between Israel and Palestinians is now approaching the fifty year mark without any peaceful end to this sad story of missed opportunities for peace. Secretary or State John Kerry is once again in the Middle East where he  once again will endeavor to bring both parties to the negotiating table where Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will insist: recognize Israel as a Jewish state, let Jewish settlers retain land they stole from Palestinians, and Jerusalem belongs to the Jews– and, no one else! And, let everyone be clear that Jewish women do not enjoy the same rights as men when it comes to praying at the West Wall. Reality– the two state solution is slipping and slipping away.

There have been numerous plans -A,B,C, D and even Z. The are numerous plans that make sense. For example: two nations, each with access to Jerusalem, allow Jewish settlers to retain 5% of the West Bank, and provide compensation to refugees who fled in 1948.  As for Israel being defined as a “Jewish state,” that is somewhat difficult considering that 20% of its people are either Muslims or Christians.