One Man’s Traitor Is Another’s Freedom Fighter

In the quest for human rights among the most important is the right to stand apart from the crowd and urge ideas the majority dislikes. In a page right out of the Ahmadinejad book, an Israeli MK asked the Attorney General to strip MK Haneen Zoabi not only of her parliamentary immunity, but of her Israel citizenship. MK Yishai charged: “in recent days, Israeli’s citizens have witnessed how an Israeli member of parliament, Naneen Zoabi headed a group of terrorists who aimed to hurt Israel Defense Force soldiers, under the protection of her parliamentary immunity.” He went on to insist “this is a premeditated act of treason.” MK Zoabi was even physically threatened on the floor of the parliament because she presented an account of the physical assaults on passengers who were attempting to bring supplies to the Gaza Strip. Fools in the Israel parliament are discussing a law that would allow a member to be removed “if he ow she acts in support of an enemy nation or terrorist group engaged in armed struggle against Israel.” Wow, we have come a long way from the time when Jews were furious at the expulsion of Jews from German and Austrian parliaments because they were traitors who opposed Nazism.

The proposed law would class members of the American Congress who opposed the Bush invasion of Iraq as “traitors,.” It would classify Congressmen who opposed the Vietnam war as “traitors” and it certainly agrees with the ideas of Iranian President Åhmadinejad that anyone who opposes the official version of the Muslim religion is a heretic and traitor.

The Israeli members of parliament who support this violation of human rights have met the enemy and he is them.