One More Blow For Violence

I am a member of the American nation, a country in which millions demand the right to possess weapons of destruction because some black shirted GOVERNMENT AGENT is headed for our homes in order to seize weapons of small destruction. So, why should I be shocked to learn there are folk from Muslim nations who seek to stab, shoot and even behead those who do not agree with them? French police arrested a 22 year old man who allegedly was the one who stabbed and injured a French solider in the neck. Apparently, he was a follower of a radical Islamic militant who set him off on a mission to kill some soldier or someone who was not a Muslim militant.

Yes, there will be voices which use this example to prove that “Muslims” are violent folk who want to kill. Of course, last year in Christian America about 30,000 people got killed as a result of someone blasting away with his gun. But, there is a vast difference between ONE Muslim wounding ONE soldier and 30,000 Christians being killed by fellow Christians. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Muslims are violent folk, unlike Christians. Gee, did Muslims kill those 6,000,000 Jews in Europe during WWII?