One More Ceasefire To Go

Israel and Hamas just agreed to another cease fire. In theory this one is allegedly to last four days, or was it five? We suggest the following form of ceasefire:

1. Each side exchanges weapons with the other side.

2. An Israel general assumes command of Hamas while a Hamas dude takes over the IDF.

3. John Kerry organizes soccer games for soldiers on both sides.

4. John Boehner agrees that Republicans will go along with the idea of a ceasefire.

5. John McCain is sent in to Gaza in order to engage in a duel with any Hamas leader who dares to accept his challenge.

6. After six days of non-violence have passed, both sides devote six days in order to fire weapons into the sea.

Then, when peace has reigned for a month, the IDF and Hamas agree to rebuild Gaza!

My ideas are not any crazier than those currently being discussed.