One More Time For New Afghan Strategy

The Obama administration is seeking more time from Congress in order to put together a strategy for fighting in Afghanistan. The White House is attempting to figure out how to measure success since the beginning of the recent “surge” in Afghanistan. General Stanley McChrystal is emphasizing building positive relations with local populations, but admits the Taliban is more aggressive than ever. “It’s a very aggressive enemy right now. James Jones, a key Obama advisor on Afghanistan and a former Marine general, argues the new strategy can not be evaluated until time has passed and results are more definite. Most probably, the Obama administration will seek additional troops before the end of the year.

This is the 8th year since American forces have been in Afghanistan. Is there something wrong when military leaders argue there is need for a “new strategy?” What were the strategies the past EIGHT YEARS? What if the new strategy does not work? Does that mean there will still be another “new strategy?” Sorry, but after eight years it is time for military leaders to either get the “right strategy” or admit there is no strategy that will lead to “victory”– whatever that means.