One Refugee Stays, Thousands Depart!

The world of a refugee is often the luck of the draw in determining who is allowed to remain and who must quickly depart. Three years ago, a penniless and illiterate 14 year-old boy from Afghanistan was dumped by people smugglers in the streets of Lille. Today, Shariff Hasanzade is the French amateur super-lightweight boxing champion of the country. Ironically, the new champion is also an illegal immigrant who technically should be deported. On his arrival in France, he was placed in a local school and one day stumbled into boxing and soon learned to become very proficient at what began as a hobby. A day after he won the boxing championship, Immigration MinisterEric Besson, announced, “Starting now, Sharif Hassanzade can apply… to obtain his residency permit and start, if he so wishes, the procedure to become a citizen.”

The story merely illustrates that when immigrants have something to offer the new country they are welcomed, but if they simply are an unskilled worker whose only contribution is doing work that ordinary citizens would not be caught doing, then they are asked to depart. It is the luck of the draw and these days as unemployment rises, thousands of illegal immigrants will be leaving.