One Shitty Story

Helen Zille, leader of the Democratic Alliance in South Africa denies her government had anything to do with compelling 55 families to relieve themselves in full public view. She charges the African National Congress(ANC) as propogating the story in order to smear her reputation as one who supports the right to shit in an enclosed facility. The entire issue revolves around a project that was designed to provide hundreds of families with their own private bathroom, but for some reason the last remaining facilities were delayed in completion. This is a minor story in the drama of everyday life, but as an American it bothers me so many people are concerned about 55 families being forced to relieve themselves in full public view. Heck, we Americans have been relieved in full public view of our money, our life savings and even our homes, and the ANC is not upset. Some people felt embarrassed shitting in full public view, we Americans in full public view have to beg for something to eat or beg to retain our homes when the bank is ready to foreclose on us.

The real shitty story of the year is how Americans trusted Barack Obama to initiate a public works job program to go along with the $1 trillion going to banks and he did not. In a sense, he shit on us by assuring one and all that “eventually,” he would get around to a job program. And, this was all done in full public view. Of course, when it comes to shitting on people, the Republican Party and its clone, the Tea Party, hold the record for defecating on the American people –in full public view!