One, Two, Third Debate And Out!

The third and last debate of the 2008 presidential season will most probably allow most Americans to give a sigh of relief at not again being compelled to watch two men discuss issues that no one knows how to handle. During the first twenty minutes John McCain was focused, he was aggressive, and he tried to put Obama on the defense. However, even during this strong portion of the night, McCain’s body language once again hurt him. He smiled in derision when Obama was speaking, he would scribble notes which made his head go down or he looked to the moderator rather than gazing into the face of Obama, and he referred a few times to Senator Obama as “you.”

The moment that wiped out any advantage McCain was building came when the name of Bill Ayers came up. For some reason, McCain went on and on about Congressman John Lewis’ remark that compared McCain to George Wallace. Few in the viewing audience had a clue as to who Wallace was and when McCain pursued the issue his voice became angry and negative. McCain’s ongoing problem is Sarah Palin who is unable to discuss any topic with intelligence and thus spends her time ranting about Obama the terrorist.

McCain’s health plan made no sense. Anyone who pays for health insurance knows that $5,000 will not get you a health insurance plan that makes sense. He either has no idea as to the cost of health insurance or he believes people are stupid. I am on Medicare and the cost for my wife and I (with our supplement) comes to over $500 a month.

McCain’s closing was the same old problem. No one gives a darn about the fact your grandfather was an admiral or your father was one. People wanted to know about his plans for today and he rambled on about his love of country and his patriotism. McCain was lost on Roe vs Wade. Actually, if he was a “maverick” he would have come out in support of Roe vs Wade and told the religious right to shove it. That type of daring would have made Independents like him as a man.

The figures that I copied down from the CNN poll were:

Overall, who won— Obama 58% to 31% for McCain
Independents — 57% for Obama to 31% for McCain
Who was more negative— 20% for Obama to 80% for McCain
Who was more likable — 60% Obama to 20% for McCain

If the figures are anywhere accurate, it is the end for McCain.