One War Too Many?

Barack Obama inherited a war, he can not be blamed for the reality of a nasty guerrilla style war in that far off  land in west Asia. There were those who urged the new president to “cut and run” and there were those who insisted on remaining to “finish the job.” Of course, no one ever explained exactly what was “the job” which simply added confusion to the task of how to handle Afghanistan. Two years have passed and, aside for a few lonely voices like John McCain, Congress and the American people have cut and run away from this war.

Several days ago, 30 American servicemen lost their lives when a helicopter was shot down. Yesterday, 8 more NATO soldiers  died. It is one thing to argue these are “necessary deaths” in order to attain some higher goal such as a free and democratic Afghanistan, it is another not to have the faintest idea what type of government is destined for the people of this land.

The bottom line is that President Obama has no clear plan as to what constitutes “victory” or even what constitutes “defeat.” Daily deaths continue. Fighting continues. Que sera, sera as far as Obama is concerned.